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I was born in Dresden in 1976. after the usual strains like kindergarden and elementary school I made it to a really good secondary school, the Gymnasium Dresden-Blasewitz "Martin Andersen Nexö". after 12 long years I graduated from this school with an average of 1/8 per year and accomplished my alternative zivilian service at the hospital Dresden-Neustadt Klinkum Weißer Hirsch on the intensive care unit.
since 1996 I am studying computer science at the Dresden University of Technology. in between I have been to Palo Alto, California, for half a year and for a couple of month to Karlsruhe. after comming back I moved into the middle of Dresdens Neustadt.
if somebody wants to write me in the old style using snail mail this is the right address:
Falk Lehmann - Louisenstraße 15 - 01099 Dresden - Germany
for those who are patient this is my home phone number: for impatient fellows this is the number of choice: who prefers using the internet to contact me this is my email address:
+49-351-8020408 +49-172-3455823 falk@falk-lehmann.de
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