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projects since I have not much time left most of my projects are suspended at this point of time. but I won't give up the faith in finishing them sometimes.
  • my studies
    this is the project with the highest priority ;-) I just started to write my final thesis. it should take until the end of this year (2002).

  • Polar evaluation program for the Palm computing platform - PolarReader
    in fall some friends of mine and I want to cross the Alps with our mountain bikes. and for the daily evaluation of our pulse curves we need some kind of computer. since some Polar pulse watches e.g. S710 are equipped with an infrared interface this should be possible using a Palm. although there is no further documentation available I want to write a small evaluation program for the Palm.

    update: the basic program is almost finished. there is only some fine-tuning necessary.

    more information will be available soon at www.fl3.de.

  • model railway
    I have got an HO scale model railway I started to build up in 1998. it is a very small but complicated design with a size of about 2mx1.40m, 20 switches and 2½ levels.

  • model railway construction kit
    for the design of my model railway I developed a program in Pascal. I always wanted to write a new version in Java, but since the approach is so complicated I never really started.

  • model railway control kit
    a model railway needs to be controlled in some way. the only true method is controlling a digital model railway through a computer. for this reason I want to write a program based on the above mentioned construction kit for controlling the railway.

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