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profile here is a list of the most relevant things I did since I started studying. if you follow the link of each item you will find a short summary.

supporting development of the framework for the contest The Way Out at ObjectFab, 04-05/2002
after the success of the previous contest it was repeated with a new task to solve. I had to develop and implement a strategy to test the framework. doing so I took part in the advancement of the framework although I did not agree with all design decisions.
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development of XSLT stylesheets for the web presentation (WAP, PDA) for the ObjectFab, 11/2001-01/2002
within the project of generating the web presentation of the ObjectFab using XSLT my task was the implementation of the styles sheets for WAP and PDA.
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development of a test framework for the contest The Way Out at ObjectFab, 04-06/2001
for the evaluation of the strategies of the contestants a test framework was necessary since the total number of tests was immense. using the framework the tests became handy and could be distributed on different machines.
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internship at SAP CEC, Karlsruhe, 11/2000-04/2001
in Karlsruhe I finished writing my semester thesis I had started in Palo Alto. eventually my supervisers and I started to write a paper on the basis of the thesis. the paper was presented at the workshop on Mobile Commerce on the International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking in Rome, Italy in 2001.
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internship at SAP Labs, Palo Alto, CA, USA, 04-09/2000
my job was the evaluation of new technologies in the area of mobile and ubiquitous computing and the implementation of prototypes.
On the PCIA Global Xchange in Chicago, Illinois, USA, I took part as representative of the corporate research center to support SAP's mobile business group.
I made the experience that the Silicon Valley is great place to live and work.
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internship at AMD Saxony, Dresden, 08/1999-03/2000
the first task was the implementation of a Linux driver for an ADSL modem. just at the point where the test suite was working the project was canceled.
the next task was the implementation of moduls for Matlab to simulate the data path of a complex chip. the last task was the combination of a firmware and a device driver to make a new split between them. the overall target was to minimize the firmware and therefore reduce the requirements for the controller working with this firmware.
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development for "Distributed Testing" at Institute for Computer Engineering, 05-08/1999
for the project "Distributed testing" a simple and powerful user administration tool was required. my job was to develop and implement such a component using Java technology.
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internship at Audi, Ingolstadt, 03-04/1999
I had the difficult task to revise an existing software for the measurement and evaluation of temperatures taken from different positions within a car during diverse tests. the whole system was implemented using Exel and Access, which were definitely not the right tools for such a complex system.
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self-employed lecturer at Saxonia Systems, 12-01/1999
two other guys (Andreas Braig and Frank Finger) and me gave a course in Java for about 20 people taking part in a training in modern software technologies.
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development for "S-direkt" at Institute for Computer Engineering, 05-10/1998
my task was the development of a generic CD-shell for providing e-commerce client software for the Stadtsparkasse Dresden as part of "S-direkt".
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internship at Infineon Technologies, 03/1998-04/1998
during my second internship at Infineon I was concerned with a parametrical analysis and documentation of 16M-DRAM-test-structures of a preproductional wafer.
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revision of internet pages of the Institute for Computer Engineering, 11/1997-02/1998
I had to give the institutes internet pages a fresh and new design. I also restructured the pages to make a navigation between the pages possible and reasonable.
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internship at Infineon Technologies, 09-10/1997
my job was to prepare the evaluation of yield relevant data and carry out some special evaluations my superviser had no time for.
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